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Living Room Drapery

Privacy without

compromising beauty

Enjoy your afternoon nap with a little privacy with the help of draperies.

  • Countless options on fabric, design, pattern, color, and style

  • Add beauty, warmth , and richness to your room

  • Lined drapes have an average lifespan of 20-25 years

  • Very energy efficient when lined

  • Causes very few problems when installed properly

Positive attributes:

Draperies ($$$$)

Drapery Curtain
  • Initial cost is higher compared to other treatments

  • Requires large space for stack back in the open position

  • Expensive dry cleaning and cumbersome re-installation

Negative attributes:

Learn more creative ways to décor your room with our draperies! Call Gerta's Draperies today for more information.